Doesn’t matter who you are or what you do for a living, everyone should Claim Your Social Media Names. That is, if they are still available! It does not matter what your doing now, you do not know what the future holds in front of you. One day you might want, or you might even really need those social media names. Then they will not be available anymore most likely.

It is 100% free to do, it only takes a little bit of time. Just make a new email (or use your current one), and use that to sign up on various popular social media platforms. If you already have accounts, and do not want to change the name, simply make new accounts using a different email. Currently, there is no good way, or sure way to retrieve a social media name if it is taken on most social platforms. Maybe in the future there will be a better system for negotiating and/or retrieving social names, but for now its a long ways away.

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